Our COVID-19 protocols will stay in effect until at least May 2022 due to staffing restraints as well as the construction of our commercial laundry facility. This includes our new linen policy, enhanced cleaning protocols, and the continuation of 24-hour gaps between reservations. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our 2021 COVID-19 cleaning protocol and linen update video. Click here to view the video on YouTube (also posted at the bottom of this page).

The entire globe has been challenged due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s no different here in northern Minnesota. Even with vaccinations and boosters in our area increasing, we are still finding ourselves struggling to maintain a local team large enough to support our cleaning needs.

Limited staff has been one of the biggest obstacles caused by COVID-19 for all businesses on the North Shore. Our regular staff comes from all over the United States, as well as all around the world. In recent years we have had crew members join us from Turkey, Mexico, Jamaica, Romania, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. Now, with travel bans beginning to lift, we are excited to welcome our international staff back for the summer of 2022. Our local crew of housekeepers worked many extra hours on top of their regular hours last summer to keep up with the increased demand of guests wanting a North Shore getaway, which only makes us more excited to welcome back our international partners!

North Shore Laundry Services

Since the pandemic began, we have thought long and hard how to avoid being in this situation again and one of the ways we are addressing it is by partnering with Cascade Lodge and building a commercial laundry facility we’re calling North Shore Laundry Services. We feel by investing in our company and the local area, all who are struggling with laundry and linens, that we can become stronger together. We anticipate the building will be completed sometime in early January with beta testing on our processes finished by late March, early April. The building is up, insulated and we are working on the interior and stocking it. We’ve hired a US manager and are working to fill other positions as we speak. Our target to be fully open and operational is May 2022!

Linen Policy Continues

As a best practice, and until our commercial laundry facility is completed, we are asking you to bring your own linens, towels, and blankets during your next trip.

We have invested a significant amount of time since we closed in mid-March 2020 researching and purchasing the most up-to-date protective bed mattress covers available. When you arrive, you will find a clean, completely sanitized modern protective mattress and pillow covers waiting for your linens. All you have to do is put on your linens and blankets and you’re all set.

This policy will continue through the spring of 2022 when the new commercial laundry facility is operational.

What To Pack

To keep things simple, if it’s just two of you, no need to bring more than one set of linens including pillow cases, sheets and blankets. If your party is larger, by all means, bring what you need for your comfort including extra blankets to use in the living room. Sometimes that little extra touch from home can add to the spirit of your vacation. The number of beds and the size of each bed for each property will be described with each reservation. A fun idea for kids is to consider bringing sleeping bags. Easy!

For bathroom towels, bring all sizes you feel you need. Consider bringing kitchen towels as well. Paper towel and a starter pack including a disposable sponge and disposable dish towel will be provided as an alternative to kitchen towels. Potholders and toilet paper will be provided as usual. Potholders will be replaced between each stay.

Minimum Nights Policy and Resting Periods

It is CVR policy to require a minimum stay of three nights most of the year with some shorter stays in winter and longer stays in summer. Some larger properties will have 5-night minimums. This helps reduce the number of weekly guests and gives our cleaners more time to clean each property. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Each reservation will have a 24-hour “resting” period around the reservation except in Lake and St. Louis counties. This allows a longer time between guests giving housekeepers more time to clean and sanitize properties.

New Cancelation Policy


We are pleased to announce that until we return to our standard policy (50% due at time of booking) you may now book properties with only a 13% non-refundable booking fee at risk. Your balance is now due 30 days prior to your arrival, at which point your reservation is non-refundable.

Expect Changes

Some businesses in the area are still operating under their COVID-19 policies and guidelines. Restaurants may only offer minimal dine-in options. Stores may still have maximum occupancy requirements that are much smaller than in previous years. Before you come up, look into where you want to go and what you want to do and see what’s going to be different. We have some great websites on the North Shore that are working hard to keep this information up to date and help visitors prepare for what to expect when they come up. Check out Visit Cook County and Exploring the North Shore. Both have been working hard to keep up to date information readily available to guests.

Welcome Back!

All other amenities, including bathroom and kitchen amenity bags, and everything you’ve come to know and love about a CVR stay will remain the same.

We want you to feel confident the moment you walk into your CVR vacation rental property. By implementing this linen practice combined with the best cleaning practices developed over the last several months, we believe you will feel confident too. And that’s important.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at (877) 415-8974.

Welcome back to Lake Superior’s North Shore!

Here is a video we created to help outline the policy changes, along with some linen packing tips and tricks: