Cascade Vacation Rentals policies have largely returned back to the way they were pre-COVID, with a few exceptions. We hope your stay with us is flawless, but if for some reason you have a need for our maintenance and housekeeping staff to visit your property during your stay, we welcome you to indicate if you would prefer they wear a mask while in the home. Our staff is more than happy to accommodate your requests.

COVID-19 Linen Policy Has Ended!

For the past two years guests have been required to bring linens due to our staffing shortages and the struggles with linen services on the North Shore. Thanks to the opening of the North Shore Laundry Services, we are once again happy to be providing linens in your vacation rental. As of May 2022 our COVID-19 linen policy has ended. Only our rustic cabins that have never offered linen services (Sandy Beach and Portage House) will need to bring their own linens.

North Shore Laundry Services

Since the pandemic began, we have thought long and hard how to avoid being in this situation again and one of the ways we are addressing it is by partnering with Cascade Lodge and building a commercial laundry facility we’re calling North Shore Laundry Services. The laundry service has been in operation since February 2022. We feel by investing in our company and the local area, all who are struggling with laundry and linens, that we can become stronger together.

Welcome Back!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at (877) 415-8974.

Welcome back to Lake Superior’s North Shore!