There are big changes coming to Grand Marais! Minnesota is now on Phase 3 of re-opening, which means indoor dining can resume if restaurants choose to, at a limited capacity. Bluewater Cafe, Gunflint Tavern, My Sister’s Place, Voyageur Brewing, and others in the county are slowly opening indoor dining options. Outdoor dining options are also available at several restaurants.
Big Changes Coming to Grand MaraisSpeaking of dining- two new restaurants have recently opened in Grand Marais!
The Fisherman’s Daughter at Dockside
Dockside is under new ownership and has been renamed The Fisherman’s Daughter. It celebrated its opening day Wednesday, June 17. Order at the window of the Dockside building and enjoy fresh fish and chips, clam strips, chicken and chips, and more in the outdoor seating area. Those familiar with Grand Marais may recognize the faces behind the counter at Fisherman’s Daughter. Abby Tofte, owner of The Big Lake, and Kate Keeble, owner of Hungry Hippie Tacos and Hungry Hippie Hostel, are the new owners. We had the opportunity to dine there on opening day, and the food is fantastic! Definitely worth checking out on your trip Up North.
The Bad Seed
Big Changes Coming to Grand MaraisThen, a new food stand option is available in the lot next door to The Beaver House. The Bad Seed at Rebel Girls opened up with a unique and incredible menu on Thursday, June 18. The menu is filled with delicious burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and more! Check out our Facebook Page for a live video stream as we were one of the first customers in line!
Good-Bye Wunderbar
Sadly, while we celebrate the opening of these two new dining options, we have to say goodbye to another beloved Grand Marais establishment. Wunderbar Eatery and Glampground has announced that they will not be able to re-open. Wunderbar provided a unique atmosphere not available anywhere else in the county. They will be missed! They are saying “good-bye” with a celebration this weekend. Stop on by on your way into town on June 20 and 21 for food, games, and live music.
Big Changes Coming to Grand MaraisClean-Up Has Begun
Finally, cleanup has finally started on the three buildings that we lost during the April 14 fires in downtown Grand Marais. Where Picnic & Pine, The Crooked Spoon, and White Pine North once stood has been an unsightly pile of rubble since the three buildings burned down. Starting on June 14, three months after the fire, clean up has begun. They are moving fast with most of the debris now cleared and the foundations being filled. Soon, all that will be left of the historic 100-year-0ld buildings will be an empty lot and a future for rebuilding and renewal. In a sense, it’s a bittersweet day as those three buildings were very much a part of the downtown landscape for so long, and are still greatly missed.
We do not know yet what will happen with the lots. Time will tell as the owners make the decisions to rebuild or sell. Stay tuned, when something starts happening there, we will let you know!
So if you are heading up to the North Shore this weekend, you can add these new options, and say goodbye to Wunderbar, to your plans.