Hello all! It’s me again, back with another campfire ban update. The situation on the North Shore is wavering between “Moderate” and “Very High” fire danger. Most of Northern Minnesota is experiencing drought conditions. This has spurred the company to make a very difficult decision. We will be enacting campfire bans whenever there is a fire ban in the area. Please read the following release from Cascade Vacation Rentals regarding campfires and the current campfire ban. Learn what that means for your upcoming visit.

September 5th Update

As of this morning, the campfire ban on private property has been lifted. Campfires are still not allowed in the BWCA and other dispersed campsites. But, for the private homes, campfires are now allowed. As a result, Cascade Vacation Rentals has lifted our campfire ban. Campfires and charcoal BBQ grills are once again allowed during your stay. We ask that you are still diligent when having a campfire or using a charcoal grill. While the campfire ban is lifted, the area is still in a severe drought and a loose spark can still start a fire.

Now that the ban is lifted, we imagine for the remainder of the season, this page will be archived and for reference only.

What Does This  Mean For My Trip?

You should check the Minnesota DNR statewide fire danger & burning restrictions page. If the area is under either “High” (or above) Fire Danger OR “No Open Burning – No Campfires Allowed” restrictions then we will have a ban in place for all Cascade Vacation Rentals homes.

When there is not a ban in place we do encourage you to use caution with campfires. Only use designated fire pits at your property. Make sure grass has not grown in or around the fire pit. Be sure to fully extinguish all campfires by dousing with water and stirring to ensure all embers are out. Do not leave campfires unattended. Do not have campfires during periods of high wind.

As for charcoal grills, we implore you to forgo your grill out and prepare meals inside your home’s kitchen when a ban is in place. When a ban is not in place and you do choose to use charcoal grills, please do so with utmost caution. Charcoal grills should be moved to the middle of the driveway, as far away from grass and the home as possible. Never leave grills unattended. Never use more charcoal than needed to prepare your food and avoid creating high flames and sparks. Be sure to fully extinguish coals after use. Do not use grills at all during periods of high wind. 

How to Find Out More About the Bans and Fire Danger

Before you head out on your vacation, check the Minnesota DNR website and Forest Service website for up-to-date information on current bans. If there is a campfire and charcoal grill ban in place, then charcoal grills and campfires are banned from CVR properties.

As you are driving up the shore, pay attention to the many Smokey the Bear signs for the current fire danger. The signs show the current fire danger levels. If the fire danger levels are High, Very High, or Extreme campfires are banned at all CVR properties. 

Find More Information

If you are searching for the most up-to-date information for the area, check out our local resources. In addition to the Forest Service Website you can take a look at…

Boreal Community Media: https://www.boreal.org/

WTIP Community Radio: https://www.wtip.org/ 

You can also tune into WTIP at 90.7 FM once you hit the Silver Bay Area. WTIP will usually give fire danger updates during their news hours at 7-8 am, 8-10 am, 12-1 pm, and 5-6 pm. If there is an urgent or emergency situation that arises, tune into the radio station right away to get updates. They do a great job of keeping the community informed during an emergency.

We are very sorry for the ban. We know many people look forward to coming up to the North Shore to enjoy a campfire on the beach or to make smores over a campfire. Unfortunately, even after periods of rainfall, the area is still in drought conditions. Wildfire danger is going to remain high throughout much of the summer and into the fall.