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About Us
We know that life has a tendency to be overwhelming at times, and busy schedules often leave many people feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. That’s why we’re here – to offer you a space and the opportunity to reconnect to the things that matter most.

At Cascade Vacation Rentals, we provide a wide range of vacation rentals homes that will make your next trip memorable. Whether you’re looking for a vacation full of activity or a relaxing retreat, you can expect stress-free booking and friendly, efficient service so you can spend more time reconnecting and enjoying life’s precious moments.

Although we’re not perfect, we’ve been dialing in the vacation rental process for over tweny years. We’re firm believers that people come first and that integrity and generosity are an integral part of running a business. We believe in strong communities, our guests, and the magic found in reconnecting with ourselves and each other.

Whether you are planning a week-long summer vacation, a mid-winter ski trip or an escape to find some peace – give us a call! Nothing brings us more joy than to help make your next trip all that it can be.

Our Staff

STEVE | Owner
Steve loves innovation, is motivated by fresh ways of thinking and views every opportunity as a chance to learn.  He has an uncanny way with numbers combined with the unique ability to make quick and sound decisions. Steve is dedicated to making CVR a healthy, vibrant company by empowering and encouraging his staff to fulfill their dreams and reach their fullest potential. This dedication is also manifested in Steve by him serving on the Board of Directors for the Entrepreneur Fund, North House Folk School, Grand Marais State Bank and the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.

In his spare time, you’ll likely find him with his wife cheering on one of their three children during a sporting event, an academic challenge event or riding his tractor amongst his goats, chickens and dog on their farm just east of Lutsen.  Steve and his wife Kate are graduates of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and moved to Cook County in 1995.  Steve started Cascade Vacation Rentals in 2004 and Kate is Registered Nurse.

MIKE | Partner
Mike was the owner of Lutsen Lodging Company before it merged with Cascade Vacation Rentals in 2014.  Mike brings a unique set of strengths to the company – he has a keen sense for when big, exciting things are about to transpire and he’s the first to notice when someone is in need of a pep talk. His matchless approach to problem solving leads him to view issues from an angle most people don’t know exist. And, he always has a story to tell.

Like Steve, he’s deeply committed to community efforts through his volunteer work with the Lutsen-Tofte Tourism Association, Superior National Golf Course, Northspan Group, the Lutsen 99er and all things biking. So, if you swing by the office and can’t find him, there’s a good chance he’s networking within the community.  However, rain or shine, it’s equally as likely that he snuck out the back door unnoticed for an afternoon bike ride (for a quick 60 miles).

Mike and is wife moved to Lutsen in 1989.  Jana is a teacher and they have three millennial children – all who have left the roost.  Uffdah!

KATTERINE | Operations Manager
Katterine began her work with the Lutsen Lodging Company in 2007 when she came to Minnesota from Lima, Peru for the first time to work as an international exchange student. The rest is history.  Katterine loves to solve problems. She is very analytical and has a distinct way of thinking about and breaking down complicated issues. Through her strengths she has implemented many new strategies and processes in our office that make our days flow more smoothly and efficiently while enhancing guest and owner experiences.  She has a relentless desire to learn, is always trying new things and loves seeing positive change.

If her office light isn’t on at night, you’ll either find her reading or spending time with her husband golfing, fishing or hiking.

SARENA | Accounting Manager
Sarena has incredible discipline and is able to create order as she goes about her work. Her ability to focus and get something done is implausible. If she had to, we’re certain she could read insurance policies thoroughly or create accurate accounting statements while the building she’s sitting in is crumbling. She excels at looking at the full picture, noticing details and pointing out information that most people overlook.  Among many other things, Sarena is responsible for monthly owner statements, year-end 1099’s, and all things accounting for our vacation rentals and real estate.

In her spare time, Sarena enjoys spending time fishing, snowmobiling or riding four-wheelers with her husband, two adorable children, dog, and cat.

ANDREW | Owner Relations Manager
Pivot.  Merriam-Webster defines Pivot as follows:  “a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect – a key player or position.   We know Andrew is not “a thing” (although there was “Thing” in the Adaams Family).  Andrew is in fact as described – a key player on the CVR team having a major influence in all things CVR.  Whether he is overseeing a redevelopment/building project, mentoring staff, addressing key operating statistics, and more, Andrew is our clear go-to guy with the uncanny ability to get things done.

Andrew takes that skill set and does the same for Lutsen Township where he serves as a town supervisor.   Lutsen is clearly a better place because of Andrew.  In his spare time you will find Andrew on the golf course at Superior National with his brother Jon, spinning tunes as local DJ aka “Beav-Star” or in the woods with his fiancé searching for rare and edible mushrooms.

TAMI | Guest Services Manager
Tami navigates all things as it relates to our guests, the services CVR provides and making sure the guest experience exceeds expectations.   In addition, Tami runs our weekly level 10 staff meetings at which she is genius.   The meetings are efficient and focused with much of her attention directed at the guest experience.
In her spare time, Tami likes to garden, work around her home, fish, hike, spend time with her family and bike (which she has a goal of doing more and more of in the coming year).

CONOR | Marketing Manager
Conor joined the CVR team in the summer of 2018, initially as a marketing intern before getting promoted to marketing manager. He is a 2018 graduate from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Communications. In the summers he owns and operates his own kayak guide business in the Twin Cities called Minnesota Adventure Co. He enjoys anything that involves adrenaline or the outdoors including snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, or paddling. 


JAYE | Media Coordinator and Special Projects
Managing vacation homes is managing a lot of moving parts. From guest reservations to property photographs to drone flights, live Facebook feeds and video production, Jaye has her hands in it all.  She was one of the first FAA certified and licensed drone operators in northern Minnesota. When CVR has the need for that special project, Jaye is our “go-to” staff person to get it done.  Jaye also has another important job at CVR – she assigns names to all company vehicles (like Sasquatch, Lucy, Red Rooster, Minnesota Snow, Ethel, and more). 

Jaye, her husband, Cody, and three children live in Grand Marais. 

CODY | Data Analyst
Cody is a new addition to the Cascade Vacation Rentals team and has joined the company to help with the development of Cascade Maintenance Services and to help create new ways for the company to analyze available data create processes to help the company function as optimally as possible.  Cody also helps develop new programs and software and is researching how CVR and CMS can better utilize new and available technology to create a more efficient workforce.  

Yes, Cody is Jaye's husband.  Together they are raising their three kids in Grand Marais.

JULIE | Assistant Owner Relations Manager
As the newest member of the CVR team, Julie assists Owner Relations Manager Andrew with many of the day-to-day operations regarding owner relations.  Julie has been a wonderful addition to the team, always ready and willing to learn new processes and begin open communication lines with property owners.  Julie comes to us from Owatonna, MN where she worked at Federated Insurance in the Actuarial Department until her retirement in August of 2018.  She is enjoying her "working retirement" on the North Shore.

Julie moved "up north" with her husband, Don, and now lives in Lutsen.  They have two adult sons, Eric who lives in Bozeman, MT and Heath who lives in Minneapolis.  

KATHI | Guest Services Representative
Kathi was a member of the CVR team for many years, in a number of different roles, before retiring in 2016.  Turns out, retirement wasn't exciting enough for Kathi, so she rejoine the CVR team in 2018 as a guest services representative.  We are thrilled to have Kathi back on the CVR team!

Kathi lives in Silver Bay with her husband.

ISMAIL | Guest Services Representative
Ismail joined Cascade Vacation Rentals from Turkey on a student Visa in 2017.  That first summer he worked as a housekeeper.  He returned in 2018 and transitioned into a guest services role during his time in the US.  We are thrilled to have Ismail back!

While in the US Ismail lives in Lutsen.