If you’ve been to the North Shore in the winter and summer months, you may have noticed something strange about the local deer. You tend to see many of them along Highway 61 during the winter months but not as many during the summer months. Do you know why?
With the cold temperatures and snowfall accumulating along the North Shore, deer are starting to navigate their way to specific spots to keep warm. Although it may come as a surprise, because of its size, Lake Superior influences the local weather acting as an air conditioner in the summer and a radiator of warmth during the winter. Because of this, deer are attracted to the shore and are seen in great numbers there during the winter months!
The other place deer can most likely be found during these cold winter months is somewhat bizarre. Because they are so easily frightened, most think that deer congregating near the busy highway would not happen, but in fact, it’s one of their favorite spots, mainly because the food supply is more prevalent where there is less snow and they enjoy the salt left behind from the snowplows.