Gitchi-Gami State Trail

 2017 Michelle Pierson, Executive Director, Gitchi-Gami Trail Association
© 2017 Michelle Pierson, Executive Director, Gitchi-Gami Trail Association
When the Gitchi Gami State Trail is completed, it will have 89 miles of paved recreational trail for anyone to enjoy. It will range from Two Harbors all the way to Grand Marais and be open to a variety of recreational uses like biking, jogging, walking, and inline skating. It will be a beautiful way for people to explore the North Shore and still get an exercise while doing so!
As of now, 29 miles are complete, including some segments from Silver Bay to Beaver Bay and some found between Tofte and Lutsen. No construction has been done in the past three years due to the lack of funding, but the hopeful individuals volunteering to make this dream a reality are determined to finish the project soon. With this trail in development and the wide shoulders on highway 61, the North Shore is becoming a perfect place for bikers to get out and enjoy a safe, scenic ride.
One of the best parts of the trail is that it will connect five state parks, four scientific and natural areas, and several historic sites. Unlike some trails, the Gitchi-Gami Trail requires no fee (although some areas, like state parks, may require a parking permit).

For more information, check Gitchi Gami State Trail map