Paradise Beach

Looking for agates or a great public beach to visit near Grand Marais? Paradise Beach is the place to go! This long cobblestone beach is a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll while keeping your eye out for your next big payday!

Paradise Beach is also a very close to an entry point for the Superior Hiking Trail making it easy to take a hike and enjoy the views of the lake. There are also picnic tables located along the shore for enjoying a nice lunch (who does not love a meal on the shore with the sound of freshwater waves crashing on the sand?).

Private development is slowly cutting away at the shores, so we must do everything we can to cherish such quaint places. At Paradise Beach, you will have miles to stroll and let your mind wander. It is a unique perfect place on Lake Superior that makes it easy to enjoy a calm, peaceful day away from everything in the world.

Getting There
The pullout is just north of the Kadunce River on Highway 61, 8.5 miles northeast of Grand Marais.