Stoney Point

Although very rare, there are spots to surf on Lake Superior! One of these spots is named Stoney Point. Located about ten miles north of Duluth, this little spot on the beach is best known for its enormous freshwater waves. The lay of the land and great power of the lake make this spot a favorite for local surfers. Some of them even say it competes with the best surfing locales in the world. Even during the winter months, you can find surfers in full wetsuits trying to get in just one last ride. Stand back as sometimes the waves can spray all the way to the road.

Stoney Point is also a great spot to stop, even if you are not interested in surfing. In good weather, you can explore the black basalt lava flow that is marked by gouges and ridges left behind by glaciers more than 12,000 years ago. This is a great spot to view Lake Superior – you don’t even need to get out of your car (though we certainly recommend it). Pull off the road and prepare to be amazed by the fascinating shoreline and whirling waves of Lake Superior!

Getting There
Head north of Duluth on Highway 61 for about 10 miles. Turn right on Alseth Road and follow it for about a mile all the way to Stoney Point Drive. Follow the road for outstanding views of Lake Superior.