Two Harbors Breakwall

One of Two Harbors many famous attractions, the Two Harbors breakwall, is really a spectacular piece of art. Native Americans first called this place Wass-we-winning, or “place to spear fish by torchlight”, and the first European settlers actually set up shop right here in 1856.

You will find the breakwall at the end of a parking lot in Two Harbors. It is made of giant boulders stretching out almost one-third of a mile through Agate Bay. Agate Bay Harbor is home to the industries that were most influential in making Two Harbors known: lumber and pulpwood, commercial fishing, and iron ore. As you walk out to the wall, you will notice dock number 1, which was the largest iron ore loading dock at the time it was built.

The breakwall itself is extraordinary. Its huge boulders and cement walls stop the waves from crashing into the shore and give the harbor calm waters for boats to pass through. A hundred years ago the breakwall was not connected to the shore. Instead, a lighthouse keeper had to paddle out to the end of the breakwall to fuel the oil lamp in the lighthouse. Imagine having that job!

Getting There
In Two Harbors, turn toward Lake Superior off of Highway 61 onto Waterfront Drive/6th Street. Follow the brown signs directing you to the Breakwall at Agate Bay.