Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls

Not many adventurers on the North Shore stop to check out the raging rush of water known as the Beaver River Falls. Visible from Highway 61 in Beaver Bay, the falls plummet down over the rocks and provide a perfect place for visitors to have a great hike with beautiful scenery. Keep your eyes peeled from the highway to get a view of the huge stack of four drops that run a course of over 350 feet, or stop at the nearby rest area for the opportunity to get up close to the falls.

The falls area of the Beaver River runs parallel to the Superior Hiking Trail just before it cuts off the river and back up to the woods. The hike down

Beaver Falls

from the trail to the river will leave you questioning what you’re about to see, but once you get down you will be rewarded with a beautiful sight. If you’re coming from the rest area parking lot, it’s a short, easy walk that brings you right to the waterfall and allows you to explore both upstream and downstream.

Much like any other waterfall, it’s most impressive when the water is high as it is easier to see all the portions of the falls. Bring your camera and maybe even a lunch to enjoy it with a view.

Parents: make sure your kids are within reach—the falls rush at an incredible rate!

How to get there

Beaver Bay, MN
The falls are just a short walk from downtown Beaver Bay. Learn More >