Grand Portage Rendezvous and Pow-Wow

The Grand Portage Rendezvous and Pow-Wow is an event that celebrates the Ojibwe culture and historic fur trade. The historic trade took place between the Ojibwe and French in the 1730’s, and the Ojibwe and British in the 1760’s. During this time, traders made a nine-mile portage, named the Grand Portage, around the Pigeon River. The portage allowed them to access the fur-rich areas of the state and establish trading relationships.

At the annual event, participants celebrate the trade with music, dancing, workshops and craft demonstrations. Re-enactors are on-site competing in games and demonstrating skills of the fur-trading era. The traditional Pow-Wow, which focuses on a song, dance, and family, will also takes place in conjunction with the rendezvous.

Families are highly encouraged to attend this event which is held each August.