Park Point: Duluths Finest Attraction

This little beach is one of Duluth’s finest attractions, drawing in tourists throughout every season. Located on Lake Superior, Park Point stretches over seven miles, all open to the public. You’ll find yourself in awe of the views this strip of land has to offer, including the Duluth hillside .

The beach is said to be the best during the late fall season, but many Duluth natives argue that the summer months are better because of the moderate temperatures brought on by the mighty lake. With the summer months being so hot and the lake seldom reaching above sixty degrees, it’s perfect for dipping the toes to cool off.

If you’re not into getting wet in the big lake, there are plenty of other things to do while strolling the beach. Cast rocks into the water, watch the waves crash on the sand, or just enjoy the pure beauty Duluth’s finest beach has to offer. Maybe even make it for sunrise to catch one of the most gorgeous you will ever witness.

Getting There
When heading north on I-35 in Duluth, go south on Lake Avenue, cross the Aerial Lift Bridge, and drive to either 12th street or 45th street to the parking areas.