Judge C R Magney State Park

Judge C R Magney State Park is best known as the home of the mysterious Devil’s Kettle Waterfall. However, that’s not the only thing to see and do in the park. Located approximately fourteen miles northeast of Grand Marais, this state park has a lot to offer guests. It is also well-known for its great hiking trails and trout fishing.

Judge C R Magney State Park

Our Favorite Things to Do in Judge C.R. Magney State Park

1. Hike to Devil’s Kettle Waterfall: This waterfall on the Brule River splits in two with one side flowing downstream and the other side disappearing into a mysterious hole known as Devil’s Kettle.

2. Visit the Upper and Lower Falls: The Brule River drops drastically in height throughout the park, creating many falls, including the Upper and Lower Falls. Stop and visit these falls during your hike to Devil’s Kettle.

3. Fish the Brule River: The Brule River is stocked with rainbow and brook trout and a few Chinook salmon. Anglers have occasionally caught other fish such as smallmouth bass and northern pike that swam down the river from upstream lakes.

4. Hike Other Trails Within the Park: The park is home to nine miles of trail through the Boreal Forest, with access to the Superior Hiking Trail.

5. Have a Picnic: There are many spots to enjoy a picnic within the park. We highly suggest a spot near the river.

6. Go Snowshoeing: During the winter, snowshoeing is allowed throughout the park. Take advantage of the opportunity to see the park in a different way.

More Info

Want to learn more about the park? Check out the Exploring the North Shore guide. The guide goes into more detail on camping, accessibility, and mobile usage.

Getting There

From Grand Marais, drive northeast on Highway 61 for approximately fourteen miles until you see signs for the park on the left side of the road (the side of the road opposite Lake Superior). The address is 4051 MN-61, Grand Marais.


Listen to Joe and Jaye’s visit to Judge C R Magney State Park on the Exploring the North Shore Podcast: