Waterfalls of Minnesota's North ShoreEve and Gary Wallinga are St. Cloud residents who have a healthy obsession with water. This works out well for the artistic couple who love to visit Lake Superior and Minnesota’s North Shore. Showcasing their fascination with the area and its many incredible waterfalls, Eve and Gary published a book on exactly that topic; Waterfalls of Minnesota’s North Shore: A Guide for Sightseers, Hikers, and Romantics

The book is titled Waterfalls of Minnesota’s North Shore: A Guide for Sightseers, Hikers, and Romantics. Published by the Northern Wilds Media company based in Grand Marais, the book is a favorite on the shelves of many Cascade Vacation Rental properties.

With all the snow from the winter of 2018-19, there’s bound to be some impressive waterfalls on the North Shore during spring runoff and far into the summer months. In anticipation of a great year for viewing the falls from Gooseberry to Cascade and clear to the Canadian border, our team here at Cascade Vacation Rentals had the opportunity to sit down with Eve Wallinga and talk about Waterfalls of Minnesota’s North Shore.

An Interview with the Authors

Cascade Vacation Rentals (CVR): You literally wrote the book on North Shore waterfalls, so tell us, why are you interested in these natural treasures near Lake Superior?

Waterfalls of Minnesota's North ShoreEve Wallinga: Minnesota is a lovely state, but a lot of the topography is a little ho-hum, especially in central Minnesota, where we hail from. However, that’s not so with the dramatic scenery of the North Shore. We find the battle between rock and water mesmerizing and thrilling. It’s amazing that after only a couple hours’ drive from the city, you can be sitting beside a thundering waterfall in a rocky river canyon with little, if any, signs of human civilization.