Want to see a beautiful waterfall without much effort? Look no further than the gorgeous waterfalls at Cascade River State Park. Cascading down 30 feet, the Cascade River Falls is a sight to see. Conveniently, the falls are located a short, easy walk from the wayside rest/parking area located right on Highway 61 between Lutsen and Grand Marais. With easy parking and just a short hike to the falls, it’s no wonder this is a very popular North Shore destination for many visitors all year round.

The waterfall isn’t all there is to see and do in the park, however. Check out our list for other fun things to do while visiting Cascade River State Park.

Things To Do in Cascade River State Park
  1. Cascade River Falls.Take a Hike: With 18 miles of trails that run along both sides of the river, you are bound to find a hike that meets your needs. Whether it be a long, challenging hike you seek, or a short, easy hike.
  2. Fish: The river is known as a great fishing spot. Steelhead, brook trout, and salmon are some common fish that can be reeled in at this park.  In addition, the bonus is, you can also enjoy some fabulous scenery while fishing.
  3. View the Cascades: The large waterfall by the highway isn’t all there is to see as far as falling water goes. Enchanting stair-step waterfalls cascade down the river leading to a final drop. There is another larger waterfall about two miles back from the highway.
  4. Birdwatching: Grab those binoculars and keep your ears alert for the sounds of the birds. Blue Jay, Boreal Chikadee, Black-Throated Green Warbler, and maybe even the mating pair of American Bald Eagles that nest nearby. View the Cascade River State Park Bird Checklist here for a full list of birds you may get the chance to spot.
  5. Grab Your Skis and Hit the Trails: Coming in the winter months? Cascade River State Park offers over 16 miles of ski trails you can enjoy. From an easy loop for beginners to more challenging routes for experienced skiers. There are plenty of moderate trails to choose from, as well.
More Info

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Getting There

Cascade River State Park is about 10 miles from both Lutsen and Grand Marais. Parking is available right off the highway, making this one of the easiest state parks to visit on the North Shore.

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