The Bad Seed Food Truck behind Joy and Co

Last year, we announced some changes to the Grand Marais food scene. One of these changes was the addition of The Bad Seed, a food tent that was previously located next to The Beaver House. Now, we are ecstatic to announce the addition of The Bad Seed Food Truck to downtown Grand Marais. Now located behind Joy & Co. at 16 1st Ave W, The Bad Seed Food Truck offers the same amazing food options that the food tent offered, but in a more wind-proof setting. No more having to close during windy weather!

Christina Hartley-Conroy, the mastermind behind The Bad Seed, was able to secure the financing needed to purchase the food truck just a couple of weeks ago. Very quickly, she was able to get the truck set up and officially opened on June 3rd.

The Bad Seed's Quest Love BurgerMeat Eater Options

The Bad Seed Food Truck offers a unique variety of unique and delicious food choices. The menu changes weekly and may include meal like….

The Quest Love Burger: 2 handcrafted patties, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, fried avocado, charred poblano ranch on a brioche bun.
Miso Butter Burger: Handcrafted pattie cooked in miso butter, provolone, candied bacon, arugula, and pub sauce on a brioche bun.
3 Little Pigs: Roasted pork, ham, bacon jam, gruyere, and pickles on a baguette.
Berber Fried Chicken: Berbere yogurt marinated fried chicken, spicy slay, and harissa mayo.
The Bad Milo: Flaming hot Cheeto crusted fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles jalapeno cream cheese on a brioche bun.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Vegan options are always available, as well! Some of the most-loved vegan options available include…

Wingnut Tacos: Walnut taco meat, smoked eggplant spread, and spicy slaw.
The Falafel: 3 herbaceous falafel parties, cucumber, tomato salad, and roasted garlic tahini tzatziki.
Veggie Cubano: Marinated veggies, vegan cheese, pickles, and vegan dijonaise on a baguette.
The Honey Lebronx: Vegan brat, sauteed peppers and onions, chipotle hummus, and charred tomatillo salsa on a hoagie roll.

Also, you can usually sub a Beyond Meat burger and vegan cheese with any of the burger options above!

The Bad Seed's Handmade Onion RingsAmazing Sides

The Bad Seed Food Truck is well known for its Zombie Fries (Korean chili flakes, gochujang aioli, scallion, and kimchee) as well as their handmade onion rings!

There’s Even Brunch!

On Sundays, swing by the food truck for an amazing brunch. Choose from breakfast burritos, brunch burgers, and hangover fries (fries, candied bacon, sunny side egg, hollandaise sauce). Brunch is usually Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm (or until sold out).

Find This Week’s Menu

The menu changes every week. Check out The Bad Seed GM Facebook page or Instagram for the week’s menu as well as updates on the truck’s days and hours of operation.

Learn More

Christina and The Bad Seed Food Truck were recently featured in a piece produced by Joe Friedrichs at WTIP Community Radio in Grand Marais. Listen to the interview to learn more about Christina and The Bad Seed Food and the journey this talented chef took to reach where she is today.

Exploring the North Shore also interviewed Christina ahead of her food truck launch in early June. Listen to that interview below: