Duluth Haunted Ship is BACK! For many years, for the month of October, the William A Irvin is transformed into the Haunted Ship. However, it’s been a few years since the Irvin has welcomed ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures of horror. Luckily, this year, Duluth Haunted Ship once again returns to Canal Park!

It’s Been Three Long Years!

The Haunting of the William A Irvin was an area hit for years until 2018. That year, the William A Irvin was moved from the Minnesota Slip in Canal Park to dry dock in Superior, Wisconsin. She made her move in September, so she was not present for her annual haunting that October. Then, in 2019, she didn’t make her return to the Minnesota Slip until mid-October. This did not give crews enough time to set up the haunting, so she remained quiet that fall.

Of course, 2020 was canceled, like many other things, by the COVID-19 pandemic. So for three years, we’ve missed our annual fright onboard Duluth Haunted Ship.

We wait no longer! Despite the looming threats of regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ship was able to once again haunt and terrify North Shore visitors and locals alike.

Get Ready to Be Haunted

Duluth Haunted Ship is a self-guided tour through the William A Irvin, which has been expertly themed and decorated to create a frightening experience for visitors onboard the ship. Built and staffed by an incredibly talented group of volunteers, the Haunted Ship is sure to once again take its rightful spot as the best Halloween attraction on the North Shore.

According to the website on the experience:

“…you’ll see how the once historic ore ship has been flipped inside out to reveal its true identity. The haunting of the Irvin is not just a rumor, mysterious sightings have been recorded. Don’t be too sure the flickering lights and slamming doors are part of the act, our ghosts may appear at any time. Walking through the dark, eerie hallways you’ll get the feeling that you’re never alone, because you won’t be. In this ship, no place is safe.

Starting in the engine room you will travel through the ship until you land in your final destination that is below the freezing waters of Lake Superior in the maze of terror. If you thought the rest of the ship was terrifying, just wait until you step down into the maze. While down in the pitch dark “dungeon” of the ship, not knowing where you’re going is the least of your worries. Watch your back; you never know who’ll be hovering over your shoulder.

If you think you’re brave enough to face your fears, come to the Haunted Ship. But remember only the tough ones make it through, alive.”

The experience is well designed and acted, and highly recommended by the crew at Cascade Vacation Rentals!

Spooky Fun For (Almost) The Whole Family

What ages are recommended for touring the ship? Will the kids like it? Will Grandma? Is it accessible?

Well… who will like it will vary from person to person. I have been going to the Haunted Ship since I was 8 years old and loving it. Definitely terrified, especially that first year standing in the line hearing screams from aboard the ship. But, I went through. Once or twice as a younger child some actors had to briefly come out of character before I’d walk through a certain part of the ship. I think that’s more of a testament to their superb acting and not so much me being too young. It was always a blast and something the whole family looked forward to throughout my childhood. So, the kids might love it, if they love that sort of thing. Grandma will definitely love it if that’s what she’s in to.

However, the tour is NOT accessible. Participants do need to be able to climb stairs, step over elevated door frames, and be able to maneuver through dark, tight spaces.

The ship also has a rule that children under the age of 12 will not be admitted without a parent or guardian present with them. Younger kids should be supervised the entire time on the ship.

And, while I haven’t tested this out myself personally, I have been told by others that if you simply get to a point where you cannot continue, there are shortcuts off the ship.

Get Your Tickets for the 2021 Haunting

This year, Duluth Haunted Ship will be open most Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in the month of October. A special Wednesday night will happen on October 21, and the ship will also be open on Halloween Day, Sunday, October 31. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for college students with ID, and $25 for Fast Pass tickets (avoid the line!). You can save $2 on a general admission ticket if you bring a canned good to donate.  You can purchase tickets online in advance or at the ship. Canned goods and college student discounts are not available for online sales.

Getting There

The William A Irvin/Duluth Haunted Ship is once again at home in the Minnesota Slip in Canal Park. To get there, take the Lake Avenue exit off of I-35 and head towards Canal Park/Lake Superior. Turn right onto Harbor Drive. You can park in the surface lot or parking ramp at the DECC for $5/day. There is also metered on-street parking and several public parking lots in Canal Park. Guests of Captain’s Canal Park get a front-row seat to the Duluth Haunted Ship and are very easy walking distance.

Listen In

Jaye and Martha visited The Duluth Haunted Ship in October 2021. Listen to Exploring the North Shore Episode 41: The Duluth Haunted Ship to hear interviews with actor coordinator, Dave, and one of the primary actors, Joe. Plus, Jaye and Martha record their onboard experience.


Watch It

Watch Martha’s amazing reactions to The Duluth Haunted Ship. Warning: Lots of screaming!