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15 09, 2020

Northern Lights

2020-09-15T15:21:40+00:00Activities & Attractions, Nature|

One of the Earth’s natural wonders, the Northern Lights, cast radiant, multi-colored lights over the northern landscape. They most commonly appear between 60-75 degrees longitude, making the North Shore a hot spot for seeing a display. What causes the Northern Lights? Also known as Aurora Borealis (meaning “dawn of the north”) the Northern Lights are created by solar winds interacting with the earth's magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is the sphere that gives earth its magnetic field and protects us from space. The magnetosphere ensures that these winds are drawn to the poles, where particles rain in the upper atmosphere, causing this phenomenon. Typically the lights are [...]

21 08, 2020

Stand Up Paddleboarding

2020-08-23T20:16:55+00:00Activities & Attractions|

One fun activity that has become more popular in recent years, especially on the North Shore, is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). With this activity, you stand up on a surfboard-like board and paddle yourself around, like you would in a canoe. It's a great solo activity as well as a fun one for a group of friends or a family. It's a lower impact sport that can be done by many skill levels. You can rent a SUP from various places along the North Shore, and even sign up for a guided SUP tour! This is also an activity where [...]

14 02, 2020

Winter: Things To Do on the North Shore

2020-09-08T19:47:24+00:00Activities & Attractions|

Winter might seem like the ideal time to stay inside to read books and play board games, but we know that there is much more to do during the day than sitting inside. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 winter activities to do on the North Shore. How many of them have you tried? 1. Ski/ Snowboard: Rising more than 1000 feet about the coast of Lake Superior, the Sawtooth Mountains are home to some of the most rugged terrain you can find in the Midwest. Perfectly located on the North Shore, these mountains let you enjoy a day full of [...]

3 01, 2020

SS William A Irvin

2020-09-02T20:39:19+00:00Activities & Attractions, Duluth, History|

The SS William A Irvin is a freighter that was named after William A Irving The Vice President of U.S. Steel. She was a flagship of the company fleet from her launch in the depths of the depression in 1938 until 1975 and then was a general workhorse of the fleet until her retirement in 1978. The SS William A. Irvin is a well-maintained example of a classic laker, and a prime example of a straight decker, as she has no self-unloading system. History She was launched 21 November 1937 at the yards of the American Ship Building Company in Lorain, Ohio. [...]

2 01, 2020

Root Beer Water

2020-09-09T17:27:19+00:00Activities & Attractions, Lutsen, Nature, Waterfalls|

Cascade Falls and Root Beer Water  The beautiful stair-step waterfalls that cascade down the river are what give this park its name. With a nice waterfall near the footbridge on Highway 61 and additional waterfalls two miles inland, the views make the hike very worthwhile. If you have explored rivers and lakes along the North Shore you’ve probably noticed that the water is the color of root beer. Why? Well, most people think it’s caused by water containing large amounts of silt. However, the actual reason is that North Shore rivers, especially when the water is low, carry tannins from swamps [...]

2 01, 2020

Tom’s Logging Camp

2020-09-01T14:50:21+00:00Activities & Attractions, Local Businesses, Scenic Drive|

If you've visited the North Shore in the past, you've likely passed the large sign along Highway 61 on the expressway between Duluth and Two Harbors that reads "Tom's Logging Camp". Perhaps you're like me and you see the sign frequently and think "I should check that place out someday", but as you're heading up the shore to your destination the thought quickly leaves your mind. It did mine for many years.  That is until I decided to finally swing into Tom's Logging Camp from the North Shore Scenic Drive on a sunny afternoon to see what the place is [...]

2 01, 2020

Glensheen Mansion

2020-09-01T14:31:45+00:00Activities & Attractions, Duluth, History|

It sits on 22 acres of Lake Superior front parcel of land in Duluth, has 39 rooms, and is an incredible 27,000 square feet.  It sounds like this might be describing a luxury Lake Superior resort, but it's actually a single-family home.  By far, the Glensheen Mansion is the most widely recognized home on Lake Superior's North Shore. Chester Congdon spared no expense when constructing his family's home and landscaping beginning in 1905.  Renowned architect Clarence H. Johnson and landscape architect Charles W. Leavitt took Chester Congdon's ideas and turned them into his and his wife Clara's beautiful dream home.  [...]

2 01, 2020

Cedar and Stone Sauna

2020-08-31T16:25:24+00:00Activities & Attractions, Duluth, Local Businesses|

On a cold December afternoon, we pulled into the parking lot of Chambers Grove Park in the Fond Du Lac/Gary/New Duluth area of Duluth. Duluth had recently received almost two feet of snow the weekend prior leaving behind massive snowbanks, and although the park sits on the St. Louis River right near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, it wasn't the beautiful scenery or the snow in the park we were there for.  We were there to participate in Duluth's newest guided sauna experience: Cedar and Stone Sauna. Cedar and Stone Sauna is the brainchild of Justin Juntunen, a Duluth local of Finnish [...]

2 01, 2020

Sawtooth Mountain Maple Syrup Company

2020-08-31T21:52:08+00:00Activities & Attractions, Local Businesses, Lutsen|

Take a drive up the winding Caribou Trail just north of Lutsen and you'll find yourself surrounded by large, mature maple trees. With its cold nights and warm(er) afternoons in the early spring, this area is the ideal location for a maple syrup farm. So it's no surprise that Lutsen is home to a large maple syrup company who is working hard to produce some of the best organic maple syrup you'll ever try! Started in 1996, The Sawtooth Mountain Maple Syrup Company tapped their first tree and would quickly grow into a massive operation. In the 2019 season they [...]

2 01, 2020

Illgen Falls

2020-09-04T15:44:43+00:00Activities & Attractions, Beaver Bay/Silver Bay/Finland, Waterfalls|

Illgen Falls Illgen Falls may not be the most well-known waterfall on the North Shore, but this waterfall makes the top of our waterfall list because of the great vantage point for viewing the falls. This waterfall is viewed from the top and, if desired, visitors are able to walk right up to the river and falls.  From this viewpoint, you can experience the power of Illgen Falls.  Even during dry periods, you'll likely find water rushing down the falls. Glacial Potholes When visiting the falls, you will notice that they are surrounded by huge, round boulders that follow the [...]

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