Just ask anyone what the most widely-respected restaurant on the North Shore is. Many will answer “The Angry Trout Cafe, of course!”.  The Angry Trout Cafe, located on the bustling Grand Marais Harbor, has secured itself as a premier eatery in the Lake Superior region. The Angry Trout specializes in locally sourced and fresh menu items. This includes wild rice, locally grown produce from the North Shore region, and, of course, fresh fish from Lake Superior.

While fresh fish, locally-grown veggies, and a collection of organic ingredients dominate the menu, the Angry Trout is also known for its salad dressings. The dressing is put together from scratch and made onsite. Your options include maple mustard, bleu cheese, a vinaigrette, and tomato basil. The dressings became so popular, in fact, they are now available in bottles on the shelves of local and regional groceries.

Historic Roots and a Strong Community

The food isn’t the only thing that attracts diners! The Angry Trout resides in an old commercial fishing building that has been transformed into a beautiful restaurant. The fish still come in fresh from Lake Superior, but inside things are much different. The Angry Trout now offers comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. You can enjoy fine dining while overlooking the pristine waters on the outskirts of downtown Grand Marais. The view is almost as lovely as the food itself! However, if you look closely, you can still see remnants of the building’s past and rich North Shore history.

While the food is outstanding, the owners of the Angry Trout have made it a point of emphasis to operate with the notion of sustainability. This has been their focus since the day they opened more than two decades ago. Couple that with an emphasis on supporting the local economy, workforce, and environment in positive ways, and there’s little question why the Angry Trout is often the first place mentioned when someone comes to Grand Marais and asks “where do we eat?”

Now Open Year Round!

The best part? This once-seasonal restaurant is now open year-round starting in 2021! Grand Marais would traditionally say “see you in the spring” to this fine establishment, but in an effort to better support the local economy and workforce, made the decision to stay open all year. So now wintertime visitors can enjoy the Angry Trout Cafe, too!

Getting There

The Angry Trout Cafe is located at 408 W Highway 61 in Grand Marais. You will see it on the Lake Superior side of the highway just before you hit the downtown area.


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