Duluth Children's MuseumThe Duluth Children’s Museum was created in 1930 to be a place where children are free to learn and imagine. Their mission is to engage children in hands-on learning through creative play and interactive exhibits.

History of the Children’s Museum

The museum was established by Mabel McKinney Wing in 19030 as a resource for children and teachers during the Great Depression. She wanted children to be able to access educational opportunities beyond the resources of the school. The museum was originally located in a classroom in the Salte school until 1954. In 1954 the Chisholm Family offered their home at 1832 E 2nd Street where it was then moved and renamed the A.M. Chisholm Museum.

In 1975 the museum moved to the Depot and in 1994 reclaimed its original name. In 2012 it was relocated again to the Clyde Park development, a former warehouse building in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The Lincoln Park neighborhood is where it still resides today and has recently reopened after being under construction for 2 years.

There have only four been executives in its whole existence. Mabel was the executive from the year it was established until 1965. Bonnie Cusick took over and served as the executive until 2004; Michael Garcia served from 2004 to 2014, and Cameron Kruger began serving in 2014.

Fun for all ages!

The Duluth Children’s Museum features many ways for you and your children to enjoy your time while there. Each month they offer workshops that will immerse your child in creative thinking, hands-on learning. Occasionally they will host 21+ events like the “A Night At The Brewseum” where you can enjoy samples from local breweries and some museum activities. You can support the kids by being a kid yourself for a night.

The Museum also has rental spaces for birthday parties, retreats, trainings, and presentations in 2 hours increments. They also offer off-site classes facilitated by museum staff like NASA Space Curriculum and so much more. School teachers can also bring their classrooms to the museum! Space is reserved for your group to store items, have lunch or snack, and enjoy facilitated programs. Check out their website to see what events and workshops they are hosting each month along with rental information.