The Fisherman’s Daughter at Dockside, formerly known as Dockside, celebrated its re-opening under new management in June of 2020. Since then, the popular lakeside eatery has regained its title as one of the most sought out restaurants on the North Shore. Plus, they now offer a wide variety of products in their store. These include everything from groceries to pair with your fish delicacies, clothing, and household goods and gifts.

The restaurant specializes in dock-to-table fish and chips. They serve lightly breaded fish and chips, as well as fresh and smoked wild-caught Lake Superior fish by the pound. Other food offerings include chicken, fried clams, cheese curds, shrimp, smoked fish and cheese, soup, and chowder.

Those familiar with Grand Marais may recognize the new faces behind The Fisherman’s Daughter at Dockside. Abby Tofte, owner of The Big Lake, and Kate Keeble, owner of Hungry Hippie Tacos, are the new owners. Abby brings her brilliant ability to stock the store with just the right items that you WANT to have. Personally, we are a huge fan of the clever collection of tea towels and oven mits. Kate brings in her restaurant expertise to curate an incredible menu of locally caught fish and other goods. Together, they are working hard to keep The Fisherman’s Daughter at the top of everyone’s “Must Visit” list!

Best of all, The Fisherman’s Daughter is going to be open year-round starting in 2021! No more staring longingly at the doors that once closed in October and didn’t reopen until May. Now, you can enjoy all the fish, cheese curds, and chowder that your heart desires all year! Check out their website for current hours.

And be sure to check out The Fisherman’s Daughter on Facebook and Instagram for their latest updates and offerings.