Cascade Beach Road ledge rock shoreline

Cascade Beach Road is a five-mile road just outside Lutsen, Minnesota that runs along the Lake Superior shoreline. This picturesque area is home to many vacation rentals. It serves as the ideal vacation destination on the North Shore thanks to its central location and unique beaches. Also, homes along the road are privately owned, making this a wonderful destination for those looking for a peaceful, private getaway.

A Brief History of Cascade Beach Road
Cascade Beach Road cobblestone shoreline

Cobblestone shoreline on the eastern end of Cascade Beach Road- Namaste Main/Namaste Guest House beach.

Just a few miles outside of Lutsen lies an unassuming dirt road that runs parallel to Highway 61. For many visitors, this is a road they simply drive past on their way to other destinations. But, in the past decade, visitors have started paying more attention to Cascade Beach Road as their final destination on the shore. However, this area isn’t new to those who live here. In fact, one of the oldest (if not the actual oldest) residential homes sits just off the eastern end of Cascade Beach Road. Some of the homes along the road even predate Minnesota as a state!

So what brought the first settlers to the Cascade Beach Road area? The answer is simply- the unique and accessible shoreline. Along the eastern side of the road, you will find cobblestone beaches flat enough to bring a small boat upon. This made the area desirable for early fishermen who could launch from, and return to, the beach near their homes. In the 1930s a Civilian Conservation Corp camp was set up towards the eastern end of Cascade Beach Road. Those working at the camp built several structures and features in the Cascade River State Park area. Many can still be seen today!

Becoming a Vacation Destination
Vacation rental on Cascade Beach Road in Lutsen

Ledge rock shoreline on the western end of Cascade Beach Road- Asle Ta.

Nestled right in between the town of Lutsen and Cascade River State Park, the convenient location, beautiful homes, and private shorelines made Cascade Beach Road a popular vacation destination. While there are no stores or services, visitors are near Lutsen for gas, groceries, and dining options. Plus, Cascade Restaurant and the state park are nearby going in the other direction. The close proximity to Lutsen Mountains Ski Area makes the road a year-round destination as the wintertime attracts skiers and summertime attracts all sorts of visitors. Grand Marais, with its many unique restaurants and stores, is just about 15 miles away. Perfect for day trips!

Many are attracted to the area because of the unique shoreline. On the western end, ledge rock dominates. From the door of your rental, you can stroll along wide stretches of private shoreline. Campfires are usually permitted and the ledge rock is ideal for an evening campfire. As you move up the road towards the eastern end the shoreline changes to a cobblestone shoreline with wide beaches, perfect for relaxing back with a good book while listening to Lake Superior lapping the shoreline.

Drive down the road anytime in the summer months and you’re sure to see many people utilizing the road. From joggers to bikers, and dog walkers to those just wanting to take a stroll. And, on Thanksgiving morning, you might catch dozens of runners and walkers competing in the Gobble, Gobble Fun Run.

Enjoy Your Own Private Vacation Rental on Cascade Beach Road

Cascade Vacation Rentals offers over a dozen vacation homes along the road, each with a private shoreline area you can enjoy*. Available homes include historic log cabins, modern new-construction homes, and classic North Shore cottages. Whatever vacation home experience you are looking for, you can find it on Cascade Beach road. Bring your pup along, many of the homes are pet-friendly and dogs just love going for long walks down the road. Buy some local firewood and enjoy a campfire on the beach. And just enjoy the close proximity to Lake Superior while still being close to restaurants and shops in Lutsen and Grand Marais. Book your stay today, these popular homes book up fast!

*Some properties have two vacation homes on them (Foxfire/Fox Cover, Namaste Main/Guest) that share the same beach.

Is There a Haunted House on Cascade Beach Road?

In 2019, the Exploring the North Shore podcast explored the idea of a haunting in a 190-year-old home on Cascade Beach Road. While the ghost-hunting team did not find any evidence of a haunting, they did get to enjoy the unique beauty of the home and this space along the shore. Listen in to hear some more history of the area. Note that the home is no longer an available vacation rental and is now a private home, please do not attempt to visit. Click here to see all available homes on the road.