Cutface Creek

Located on Good Harbor Bay a few miles south of Grand Marais along Highway 61 is the small Cutface Creek wayside rest. It is not your ordinary rest spot, though! This spot is where the construction of the highway began cutting away into a sandstone bed that was overlaid with lava. You’ll see the unique rock patterns to the southwest of the wayside rest along Highway 61.

Good Harbor Bay is also one of the best places along the North Shore to find beautiful Thomsonite rock. Most of the rocks are now only small pebbles, but the six-mile stretch of beach near the wayside rest is the only section of beach where you will find these beautiful pebbles along the North Shore. Folklore states that Queen Victoria was so fascinated with this rock that she sent Native people of the North Shore to collect it for her when it became hard to find along the shores of Scotland.

As for the rest stop itself, the site is very well laid-out with benches, paved walkways, picnic tables, and up-kept bathrooms. Take a break from driving and come explore this unique beach on the North Shore.

Getting There
The Cutface Creek Wayside Rest and Good Harbor beach are located on Highway 61, 14 miles northeast of Lutsen around mile marker 154.