1 01, 2020

French River

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If you find yourself driving along the North Shore in need of a reprieve, make a stop at the French River. The French River offers quick, easy access to Lake Superior’s shoreline. It gives you the opportunity to dip your toes in the water on a hot day. It is also home to an adult fish trap used by the French River Cold Water Hatchery (FRCWH). The trap is used to capture spawning fish (Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Kamloops and Rainbow Trout) who are then brought indoor to the spawning facility upstream where they spawn and they are released. Though the [...]

1 01, 2020

Burlington Bay

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The small town of Burlington Bay, which consisted of a sawmill and a few shacks near present-day Two Harbors, was built by David A. Currier and Charles Hibbard in the mid-1800s. The two men initially came to the area to salvage lumber after a nearby forest fire ripped through the area. A steam-powered sawmill and dock were built on the east side of the bay to support their efforts. At the peak existence in 1957, there were 25 residents. Just a few short years later, after the timber salvage was over, the sawmill was moved to Duluth. Eventually, the town [...]

1 01, 2020

Paradise Beach

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Looking for agates or a great public beach to visit near Grand Marais?  Rock Picking and Agate Hunting is a popular family hobby and Paradise Beach is one of the most popular agate hunting sites along the North Shore. This long cobblestone beach is a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll while keeping your eye out for your next big payday! Paradise Beach is also very close to an entry point for the Superior Hiking Trail making it easy to take a hike and enjoy the views of the lake. There are also picnic tables located along the shore [...]

1 01, 2020

Kelsey Beach

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Just north of Two Harbors, across the street from the legendary Betty’s Pies (which we highly recommend) is a small, dark cobblestone beach named Kelsey Beach. The beach is made up of fascinating forms of stilled lava and parts of it are covered with small cobblestones. It is rumored that Kelsey Beach has some sort of mystical power. Visitors often say that the beach is a sanctuary that fills them with peace and tranquility each time they visit. Nearby, the Stewart River flows under a concrete arch bridge that was built in 1924. The river is named after the settler, [...]

1 01, 2020

Crystal Beach

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The name of this beach speaks for itself. Flowing out of the surrounding hills, Crystal Beach is full of multicolored stones and the beach is truly majestic. White northern trees surround the area and the sea caves seem to hide hidden treasure or secrets. This may be the reason why the founders of 3M chose this location to mine for minerals. 3M spent a year mining what they thought was corundum—a stone they thought they could use to fashion their own type of sandpaper. Finally, in the winter of 1903-04, they shipped a ton of the ore to Duluth, only [...]

1 01, 2020

Black Beach

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The fascinating Black Beach is found in a secluded area near Silver Bay, MN. Since the shore of the beach is a unique black color, visiting this beach is said to be a very strange experience and is one of a kind on the North Shore. In other words, it's a must see! The strange black coloration is not natural. It came as a result of the taconite tailings that were dumped into the lake by local miners years ago. Taconite is a low-grade iron-ore that is refined, then baked, creating taconite pellets that are easily transported. Decades ago, the [...]

1 01, 2020

Pilings at Split Rock River

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Have you ever driven northeast on Highway 61 between Two Harbors and Silver Bay and wondered about the history of the pilings that stick out of the water at the mouth of the Split Rock River? If so, you’re not alone (and you’re also in luck)! The pilings at Split Rock River date back from the late 19th and early 20th century. This was when the Split Rock Lumber Company, a subsidiary of the Merrill and Ring Lumber Company, logged the area. The company logged Norway, red and white pine. The company built a railroad 10 miles long to carry [...]

1 01, 2020

Agate Beach

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When most people think of Gooseberry Falls State Park, they think of the well-known falls that reside within the park. Though the falls are incredibly beautiful, they also undermine another gem in the park: Agate Beach. Agate Beach is found at the mouth of the Gooseberry River where the water from the river meets Lake Superior. As its name suggests, the beach is a great spot for searching for prized Lake Superior Agates. One of the most interesting things about the mouth of the river is its ever-changing beach and sandbar. Each season affects the formation differently. Melting snow in the spring [...]

1 01, 2020

Sugarloaf Cove

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Looking for a relatively short and easy hike filled with amazing views and breathtaking nature, or just a quiet spot to relax near Lake Superior? Sugarloaf Cove is the perfect spot for you! It has a trail that winds through all different sorts of terrain, and a rocky shore that overlooks the majestic Lake Superior. The Cove sits on 34 acres with a trail that stretches over a mile. The trail passes through pine forests, an alder thicket, a scenic overlook, rocky cliffs, and all the way down to the rocky shore. Don’t be afraid to stop for a minute on one [...]

1 01, 2020

Park Point

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This little beach is one of Duluth’s finest attractions, drawing in tourists throughout every season. Located on Lake Superior, Park Point stretches over seven miles, all open to the public. If you’re not into getting wet in the big lake, there are plenty of other things to do while strolling the beach. Cast rocks into the water, watch the waves crash on the sand, or just enjoy the pure beauty Duluth’s finest beach has to offer. Maybe even make it for sunrise to catch one of the most gorgeous you will ever witness. About 3.3 Miles from the Lift bridge [...]

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