Putt 'N Pets

Driving into Grand Marais from the west (Duluth) you’ll find yourself catching a glimpse of some peculiar things on the south side of Highway 61.  A moose?  A bear chasing a man up a tree?  A… goat watching mini-golf? Don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things.  Your long drive from wherever you are coming from has not made your eyes play tricks on you.  At least, not in this case.  Those things are really there.  They are at Putt ‘N Pets, the most whimsical mini-golf course on Earth (or, at least, on the North Shore).

Located at 2014 W Highway 61 just as you enter Grand Marais, Putt ‘N Pets is a combination mini-golf course and mini-zoo.  Here you will find an 18-hole mini-golf course where your putts will be viewed, and probably harshly scrutinized, by a herd of farm animals who call Putt ‘N Pets home.  Goats tower over you, chickens run alongside you, doves quietly observe from their perch, and a peacock does, well, whatever it is that peacocks do.   All from the safety of their golf-ball proof enclosures.

Putt 'N Pets

If that wasn’t enough whimsy to bring you in, there’s more! Owners Randy and Carolyn Sjogren, who bought the once very basic mini-golf course in 2013, have spent the past several years adding elements to the course that will keep your eyes darting around and spotting new things at every turn.  There’s a turtle who greets you as you round the corner on Hole 6.  Plastic flamingos and rubber duckies in a pond near Hole 10.

And a sleeping bear and attacking spider in a cave on Hole 18.  (Disclaimer: The spider won’t *really* attack you!)  Not to mention colorful birdhouses benches, figurines, and plastic animals in every part of the course.  You could spend the whole day at Putt ‘N Pets and still not see every little hidden treasure to see here.  With new things being added all the time, you could come back next year and be greeted by even more gems.

Putt 'N PetsWhen you’ve finished your round of golf, be sure to swing into the Club House where you can grab a treat, something to drink, or a scoop of ice cream.  Past visitors have started leaving post-its of thanks to the owners, so feel free to let them know Cascade sent you, and how much you love those goats!

Oh, speaking of gems, Putt ‘N Pets also has a gemstone mining operation, complete with a water tower, waterfalls, and a sluice so you can put on your prospector’s hat and try your luck at finding some beautiful gemstones.

Putt ‘N Pets is open from May 15th until October 31st and they have lights so you can enjoy a round (or two) of mini golf day or night.  Be sure to check out the Putt N Pets Website and connect with Putt N Pets Facebook Page for more information.