Rocky Taconite

Rocky Taconite is a unique monument that welcomes people to Silver Bay. It’s one of those fun, quirky monuments that makes you want to pull over on the side of the road and snap a photo in front of it. One that you see and won’t soon forget.

Rocky is made up of a black spherical head and body (resembling taconite pellets). And he holds a pick which is believed to have come from old Sweden. The Swedish pick represents the many Scandinavians who settled in the area.

Built in 1956, Silver Bay was a planned housing community that was built to house workers of the taconite processing plant. The plant was built on the shore of Lake Superior. The location was chosen for its port and a large amount of water that was available. The Rocky Taconite monument was built to represent Silver Bay and the surrounding area, whose culture has been built around the taconite industry. The monument was dedicated in 1964.

Getting There
Turn toward Silver Bay onto County Road 5 off of Highway 61 four miles northeast of Beaver Bay. Drive one block and the monument can be found on the right side of the road.