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25 02, 2021

Split Rock Lighthouse

2021-02-25T16:53:04+00:00Activities & Attractions, Beaver Bay/Silver Bay/Finland, History, Two Harbors/Castle Danger|

Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the most iconic buildings on Lake Superior's North Shore. Now decommissioned, the lighthouse has been beautifully preserved and is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Read on to learn more about the history of the lighthouse. Why A Lighthouse at Split Rock? Starting on November 27, 1905, a massive storm, known as the Mataafa Storm, hit the Great Lakes region. The storm caused a total of 29 shipwrecks on Lake Superior during a two-day period.  One of those ships, the Madeira, sank near the area known as Split Rock.  Recognizing a need [...]

10 07, 2020

Lake County Festivals

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Lake County comes to life during the celebration of two large festivals in the month of July. Bay Days (Silver Bay/Beaver Bay) and Heritage Days (Two Harbors).  Both towns celebrate a weekend of fun, family-friendly activities that are worth checking out.  Both festivals take place in mid-July, oftentimes on the same weekend. Making Lake County the place to be on the North Shore! Bay Days Bay Days celebrates the community of Silver Bay and Beaver Bay in the heart of Lake County.  The festivities kick off on Friday night with a parade that runs from the Mary McDonald center to [...]