Lookout Mountain

Located in Cascade River State Park is one of Minnesota’s many unique features. Halfway between Schroeder and Grand Marais, Cascade Park is usually just a pit stop since the cascades are an easy stroll from the parking lot.  But as you continue, you will be amazed at what you find. The trail to Lookout Mountain winds around the mountain giving you picturesque views of Lake Superior and the surrounding forest.

The hike begins out of the parking lot along Highway 61 (if your back is to Lake Superior, the trail you’ll want to take is on the left side of the river) and heads upstream toward the cascades. This is where most people stop. However, if you continue onward, staying on the same side of the river you started, you’ll follow the trail for another half mile before breaking off the main trail and heading up the mountain. Because Lookout Mountain is located within the Cascade River State Park, a hike up this trail will take you by some of the most amazing waterfalls.

The hike is moderate in difficulty and you’ll end up seeing a view far beyond what you expected. When you reach the top, feel free to stop and take a breath and enjoy the view. To make it even better, there’s a shelter and campsite right at the top!

Getting There

The roadside parking lot in Cascade River State Park (where the hike begins) is found on Highway 61 approximately 10.3 miles northeast of Lutsen and 9.5 miles southwest of Grand Marais.