The small town of Burlington Bay, which consisted of a sawmill and a few shacks near present-day Two Harbors, was built by David A. Currier and Charles Hibbard in the mid-1800s. The two men initially came to the area to salvage lumber after a nearby forest fire ripped through the area. A steam-powered sawmill and dock were built on the east side of the bay to support their efforts. At the peak existence in 1957, there were 25 residents.

Just a few short years later, after the timber salvage was over, the sawmill was moved to Duluth. Eventually, the town was taken over by Two Harbors. Now, the location is primarily used for picnicking, boating, and recreation. It is a perfect place to come and enjoy an afternoon on the water and dip your toes in Lake Superior.

Although Burlington Bay is mostly known for its great beach, the bay also has great access to the beautiful Sonju Trail that winds through Two Harbors and the shore of  Lake Superior. The beach has several picnic tables available to the public that provides a perfect place for lunch with a view. Although the water temperature rarely reaches above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, some love to dip in the cold water when the summer sun is beating down on the North Shore.