Flood Bay

Flood Bay is a unique spot on Lake Superior with a panoramic view of its natural harbor and pebble beach. Named after a settler who operated a small steam sawmill in 1856, this bay was once an important log landing and raft site.

All can have a great view from the parking lot, but there are steps to get down to the beach for those who want to explore further. On the beach, you can often find driftwood piled up by a storm. Flood Bay is also well known for its tiny agates.  The beach consists primarily of basalt pebbles. Agates, quartz, prehnite, laumontite, and other minerals commonly associated with basalt are found here. These small gems are found all along the North Shore and many hope to one day get lucky and find a big one! Try your luck and don’t be afraid to get down close to the rocks to get a better look.

Flood Bay has a beautiful wetland area that has quite a bit of beaver activity. Visitors can get a chance to see ducks, geese, beaver, and in the spring – otters! In addition to being a great place to spot wildlife, the bay is an excellent place for paddlers to access Lake Superior. Picnickers can also enjoy a relaxed lunch, or even go for a dip in Lake Superior.

Getting There
To get to Flood Bay, take highway 61 about 1 mile north of Two Harbors. On the right watch for a blue sign that reads “Flood Bay Wayside”.