Located up the Arrowhead Trail in Hovland, Points Unknown is most well-known for its dog sledding experiences in the wintertime. Recently, they started offering unique adventures in the summertime, as well. Here are some of the Points Unknown Summer Adventures that you can enjoy during your next trip up the North Shore.

Mindful Paddle and Hike

A mindful paddle is not about paddling the hardest, fastest, or furthest. It’s about going slow and being present to the experience. With Points Unknown, a Mindful Paddle and Hike takes you into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) for a 4-6 hour day trip. The trip doesn’t take you far- mostly focusing on a single lake, and that’s because going far isn’t the point. On a mindful paddle, you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the BWCA without worrying about the distance traveled. You go slow and really enjoy the journey.

The tour is educational and relaxing while still allowing tourgoers to enjoy time in the BWCA. You can learn more about the Mindful Paddle and Hike experience on the Points Unknown website and the Exploring the North Shore website.

River Canyon Wild Wander Treks

Available in the spring, summer, and fall, these adventures allow you to stand under a private waterfall and splash in the pristine pool below. Your guide will lead you into lesser-known areas of the Northwoods and the BWCA. You will leave civilization behind and spend 2.5-3 hours wandering the canyons and immersing yourself in the natural world.

If meditating on the rocks alongside a peaceful waterfall sounds like an activity meant for you, then this is the tour for you. Find more information on the Points Unknown website.

Customize Your Adventure Trip

A relaxing paddle in the BWCA doesn’t interest you? Don’t want to splash around a hidden waterfall? Contact Points Unknown and create a custom adventure that’s perfect for you and your group! Owner Linda Newman and guide Mary Ellen Ashcroft know the Northwoods better than most. Let them help you have the perfect experience in the beautiful Northwoods.

Puppy Snuggles Always Included

Whether you make a trip in the summer or winter, there is always one constant at Points Unknown: Puppy cuddles! Getting to spend time with Linda’s amazing pack of sled dogs is a part of every experience. Whether it be feeding, playing, or simply getting your puppy snuggles in. Always cap off an adventure with a little puppy time.

Learn More

Learn more about these adventures, and more, on the Points Unknown website. Exploring the North Shore has also documented a Mindful Paddle experience. And listen in on the Mindful Paddle podcast episode of Exploring the North Shore: