North Shore Summer Camps

Are you looking for kid-friendly entertainment on your next vacation? Did you know that the North Shore is home to many great day camps and residential camps? In recent years, local day camps have reported more and more attendance by out-of-area kids. Families have learned how to incorporate north shore summer camps into their vacation. It can be a great way for kids to have a unique North Shore experience. And, for adults to have some kid-free time.

Professional Role Models at North Shore Summer CampsTaking Advantage of Local Day Camps

The North Shore, primarily in the Duluth area, has many summer camp offerings. Exploring the North Shore’s Summer Camp Guide lists a dozen day camps that you can sign your child up for. Whether it be for just one day or an entire week. The Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, for example, operates a summer camp for kids interested in zoology. They can get up close and personal with the animals and learn how the zoo cares for them. The Great Lakes Aquarium has a similar program for the budding marine biologist in the family.

Other camps are more traditional- giving kids the chance to get outdoors and play with kids their own age. The Cook County YMCA Day Camps allows campers to sign up for just one day or the entire week. Campers get to play in the woods surrounding the YMCA and swim in the pool. If you frequently visit the North Shore, this is a great way for your kids to make friends. Also, to have kids their age to spend time with while here.

Residential Camps – Kids Get a Vacation, and So Do the Adults

As a child, I have memories of my parents packing a suitcase along with my summer camp bag. After they dropped me off, they went on a getaway of their own. I got to enjoy a summer camp experience, and they got to do… whatever it is they did on their vacation. While it’s always great to take family vacations, sometimes it’s also great to have a week-long getaway without kids.

The Exploring the North Shore Summer Camp Guide lists half a dozen residential summer camp options. One North Shore summer camp that many utilize for a unique North Shore experience is Camp Menogyn on the Gunflint Trail. This YMCA-operated camp specializes in outdoor adventure trips into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA). If you have a child who is wanting to get into the BWCA, but you’re not really keen on going along, Camp Menogyn is a great option. While your child enjoys a BWCA experience, you can stay in a nearby vacation rental and enjoy the location along with the comforts that a vacation rental offers. Another camp located at the end of the Gunflint Trail, Birchwood Wilderness Camp for Boys, is another option if your son is looking for a longer trip into the wilderness (single-gender only camp).

Other camps offer a more traditional experience, like the Duluth YMCA’s Camp Miller located just south of Duluth on a beautiful 300-acre lakefront property. Or, if you’re looking for a religious summer camp experience, Catherdral of the Pines is located on the picturesque Caribou Lake in Lutsen. Finding a nearby property to Cathedral of the Pines is a breeze, including Maple Haven, which is located in the same area of the lake as the camp.

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Exploring the North Shore’s Summer Camp Guide is a great way to learn about all of the North Shore summer camps in the area. The guide includes price ranges, general information, and links to reserve your child’s spot. Many camps do require early registration to get a spot, others still have plenty of openings for this summer.

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