Looking for a relatively short and easy hike filled with amazing views and breathtaking nature, or just a quiet spot to relax near Lake Superior? Sugarloaf Cove is the perfect spot for you! It has a trail that winds through all different sorts of terrain, and a rocky shore that overlooks the majestic Lake Superior.

The Cove sits on 34 acres with a trail that stretches over a mile. The trail passes through pine forests, an alder thicket, a scenic overlook, rocky cliffs, and all the way down to the rocky shore. Don’t be afraid to stop for a minute on one of the many benches along the way and take in the beauty.

What makes Sugarloaf Cove even more interesting is that it is actually designated as a State Scientific and Natural Area. But it also has some historic significance. Consolidated Papers, Inc maintained several buildings here where they held pulpwood-rafting operations. Near the beach you can see signs with photos from the area from that time period.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Sugarloaf Cove has an interpretive center. The center has many exhibits on North Shore geology, wildlife, and history. Special programming and events are also offered and open to the public. For a full calendar of events, visit sugarloafnorthshore.org/calendar/

Getting There
Sugarloaf Cove is located on Highway 61 between mile marker 73 and 74, six miles south of Schroeder, Minnesota.