14 10, 2021

Sawtooth Mountain Range

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The Sawtooth Mountains are a range of small mountains on Lake Superiors North shore. It stretches about 30 miles From Carolton Peak on the west to Grand Marais on the east. Of the number of peaks, the highest reaches 900 feet over Lake Superior. While these peaks don’t rival other mountain ranges in height, the Sawtooth Mountain Range has a noteworthy silhouette. Looking at it from a distance, the peaks resemble the teeth of a saw with their uniform size, height, and angles. This is why they were given the name Sawtooth Mountains. A combination of volcanic activity and erosion [...]

24 06, 2021

Returning in 2021

2021-06-28T14:54:22+00:00Duluth, Events & Holidays, Grand Marais, Hovland/Grand Portage, Lutsen, Schroeder/Tofte, Two Harbors/Castle Danger|

Last week, we were overjoyed that Grandma's Marathon returned to Duluth after being canceled in 2020. Seeing the runners was a welcoming sight to see! This weekend, we are excited to see the return of the Lutsen 99er. Already, the North Shore has seen the return of several popular events. Now, we are pleased to announce that there are several popular events and festivals along the North Shore that are returning in 2021! Festivals in Cook County (Grand Marais, Grand Portage, Hovland, Lutsen, Tofte, Schroeder) According to the Visit Cook Count Events Calendar, things are really hopping up in Cook [...]

1 07, 2020

4th of July

2022-06-15T14:39:10+00:00Beaver Bay/Silver Bay/Finland, Duluth, Events & Holidays, Grand Marais, Hovland/Grand Portage, Schroeder/Tofte, Two Harbors/Castle Danger|

The 4th of July on the North Shore is as fun and festive as you can imagine.  With activities, parades, and firework shows all along the Lake Superior shoreline.  Wherever you are, you probably aren’t far from a 4th of July Celebration.  Here’s a list of happenings around the area. In Cook County Tofte: Tofte has quickly become the place to be in Cook County on the 4th of July! A full day of events including live music, fabulous food, a beer garden, bingo, a craft show, and minnow races.  It all starts with the Annual Tofte Trek 10k Trail [...]

2 01, 2020

Cross River Falls

2021-02-25T20:35:32+00:00Activities & Attractions, Schroeder/Tofte, Waterfalls|

Cross River Falls Cross River Falls is probably one of the easiest waterfalls to visit along the North Shore of Minnesota and is definitely worth the stop. Just southwest of the Temperance River State Park in Schroeder, these falls are part of a wayside park that is actually larger than the nearby state park. The falls are literally within feet of Highway 61 and can even be seen from the highway. The first set of falls are up along the Superior Hiking Trail, but the big portion of the falls is found at the wayside park. The handy pedestrian bridges [...]

1 01, 2020

Taconite Harbor

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Taconite Harbor is a safe harbor located near Schroeder, MN. The harbor originally opened in 1957 and was built using two natural islands that were located near the shore. The breakwaters built from these islands were built large enough for massive ore boats to enter and leave the harbor. While in the harbor, the boats were filled with low-grade taconite pellets that came by rail from Hoyt Lakes 75 miles away. The harbor closed in 2001 after the steel industry declined. Now the harbor is used as a public water access site and a safe harbor. On the far side [...]

1 01, 2020

Oberg Loop

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Do you want to hike a trail that has spectacular views of the area at any time of the year? Look no further! The Oberg Loop is a spur trail of the Superior Hiking Trail between Tofte and Lutsen. It offers hikers incredible views of Lake Superior, Oberg Lake, and the Sawtooth Mountains. The loop is approximately 2.3 miles in length. Many visitors have said that they prefer to hike the trail counter-clockwise. By doing so, hikers will first see an overlook of LeVeaux Mountain to the west. Continuing further, the trail offers excellent overlooks of Lake Superior. On clear days, [...]

1 01, 2020

Gitchi Gami State Trail

2021-08-09T17:38:09+00:00Activities & Attractions, Beaver Bay/Silver Bay/Finland, Grand Marais, Lutsen, Schroeder/Tofte, Two Harbors/Castle Danger|

When the Gitchi Gami State Trail is completed, it will have 89 miles of paved recreational trail for anyone to enjoy. It will range from Two Harbors all the way to Grand Marais and be open to a variety of recreational uses like biking, jogging, walking, and inline skating. It will be a beautiful way for people to explore the North Shore and still get exercise while doing so! As of now, 29 miles are complete, including some segments from Silver Bay to Beaver Bay and some found between Tofte and Lutsen. This year (2021) another section was completed connecting [...]

1 01, 2020

Sugarloaf Cove

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Looking for a relatively short and easy hike filled with amazing views and breathtaking nature, or just a quiet spot to relax near Lake Superior? Sugarloaf Cove is the perfect spot for you! It has a trail that winds through all different sorts of terrain, and a rocky shore that overlooks the majestic Lake Superior. The Cove sits on 34 acres with a trail that stretches over a mile. The trail passes through pine forests, an alder thicket, a scenic overlook, rocky cliffs, and all the way down to the rocky shore. Don’t be afraid to stop for a minute on one [...]

1 01, 2020

Father Baraga’s Cross

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Along Highway 61 in Schroeder is a green highway sign reading “Father Baraga's Cross”. It’s a sign that points to a place few people stop to explore. Down Baraga Cross Road, visitors will find a beautiful slice of shoreline marked with a granite cross reading “Father Baraga 1846”. Father Baraga was a Catholic priest originally from Europe. After hearing there was a need for clergy in the Great Lakes Region, he moved to La Pointe, Michigan with an interest in Ojibwe culture. He was loved by many Ojibwe, Metis and French Canadians there. He stood with many Native groups while they [...]

1 01, 2020

Temperance River State Park

2022-04-11T14:48:04+00:00Schroeder/Tofte, State Parks, Waterfalls|

Temperance River State Park is a unique park with a trail that winds along the edge of the Temperance River. Located near Schroeder, Minnesota, the park has plenty of hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Visiting this state park should be at the top of your North Shore to-do list. Our Favorite Things to Do in Temperance River State Park 1. Hike to the Hidden Falls: With trails winding along both sides of the beautiful Temperance River, taking this hike is a no-brainer. Hike the trail to the Hidden Falls or the Superior National Forest and be ready for some beautiful scenery [...]

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