Franklin Square Beach

There are not many sandy beaches along the North Shore of Lake Superior. In fact, there are only a few. One of them with beautiful fine-grained sand is on a stretch of beach within walking distance from Canal Park in Duluth. It is known as the Franklin Square/12th Street Beach and it is a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon. Tree and shrub protection from the busy streets make it a peaceful and an incredibly enjoyable spot to visit. And, the beach provides respite to many travelers (especially those with kiddos) who need a break before traveling up the shore from the south.

Along the beach are hiking trails, swimming access and bird watching spots, allowing visitors to enjoy the day in the sun and away from all the tourist attractions. The waves crash along the shore during the windy fall and winter months making for a wonderful sight to see.

Getting There
Along highway 35 follow signs for Lake Avenue in Duluth. Follow Lake Avenue all the way across the Lift Bridge until you see signs for 12th Street Beach.