8 06, 2022

North Shore Summer Camps

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Are you looking for kid-friendly entertainment on your next vacation? Did you know that the North Shore is home to many great day camps and residential camps? In recent years, local day camps have reported more and more attendance by out-of-area kids. Families have learned how to incorporate north shore summer camps into their vacation. It can be a great way for kids to have a unique North Shore experience. And, for adults to have some kid-free time. Taking Advantage of Local Day Camps The North Shore, primarily in the Duluth area, has many summer camp offerings. Exploring the North [...]

26 05, 2022

Gunflint Trail Canoe Races

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In 1976 a group of friends and neighbors on the Gunflint Trail gathered together and organized the first Gunflint Trail Canoe Races as a fundraiser for numerous programs and causes on the Gunflint Trail. For the past 40+ years, the area has hosted the races every year - with one exception. In 1999 the catastrophic Boundary Waters Blowdown storm caused the cancelation. This was due to most of the Trail residents participating in the rescue efforts. Besides that summer, the races have been a community staple every July at Gunflint Lake. The Races Return! After being canceled in 2020 and [...]

1 12, 2021

The Dark Sky Festival

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December is the darkest month of the year, and towns along Lake Superior's North Shore have some of the clearest night skies in the world. To celebrate the wintertime darkness, Visit Cook County presents The Dark Sky Festival. An annual event celebrating the stars, the moon, Northern Lights, and the area's dark skies. Cook County, home to the towns of Grand Marais, Lutsen, Schroeder, Tofte, Hovland, and Grand Portage, has one of the darkest skies in the entire world! Thanks to the absence of large cities and light pollution from our small northern county, visitors can enjoy clear views of [...]

4 02, 2021

Experience the BWCA

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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) is a 1 million-acre wilderness area located within the Superior National Forest. This pristine area is accessible only by hiking or paddling your way in, there are no motorized vehicles are allowed. It's a great way to experience the incredibly beautiful (and peaceful) Northwoods without the distractions of modern technology. In this guide, we will help you experience a day trip or overnight trip into the BWCA with Cascade Vacation Rentals. There are three ways you can explore and enjoy the BWCA: Take a Day Trip by Canoe Free day passes allow you [...]

11 01, 2021

Loon Lake

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Loon Lake is located 42 miles north of Grand Marais, MN up the Gunflint Trail.  The lake is 1,095 acres in size. It is approximately 202 feet deep at its deepest point. This lake is also home to Portage House. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Splake. Loon Lake had one public boat launch located off of CR 12 on the SE shore. This is a concrete trailer launch with limited parking spaces. Getting There: From downtown Grand Marais take [...]

11 01, 2021

Devil Track Lake

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Devil Track Lake is located about 13 miles north of Grand Marais, MN on the Gunflint Trail. The lake has a maximum depth of 50 feet and water clarity down to 8.6 feet. A surface area of 1,867 acres. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including walleye, northern pike, green sunfish, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch. This lake is also where Birch Hollow, Cedar Cove, Devil Track 211, 215, and 219 are located. Devil Track Lake has two boat launches located on the north side of the lake.  The first boat launch located off of Devil [...]

11 01, 2021

Birch Lake

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Birch Lake is 34 miles north of Grand Marais, MN up the Gunflint Trail,  and is also home to Birch Lake Retreat This lake is 236 acres in size, approximately 69 feet deep at its deepest point with water clarity up to 17 feet. Anglers can expect to catch Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Splake. There is one public boat launch on this Lake on the south shore off the Gunflint Trail. Located at the Laurentian Divide Scenic Overlook. The boat launch is a dirt carry-in access with parking for about five vehicles. Getting There: [...]

11 01, 2021

Poplar Lake

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Poplar Lake is Located about 30 miles north of Grand Marais up the Gunflint Trail just outside of the BWCA. This lake is 764 acres in size, approximately 73 feet deep at its deepest point, and has water clarity as deep as 1o feet. In the winter Poplar Lake is the start and endpoint for the Gunflint Mail Run, a competitive dog sled race with up to 30 teams on the first weekend of January. This Lake Is also home To Christines Hideaway Poplar Lake also has 3 Entry Points (EP) into the BWCA. EP 47: Lizz and Swamp Lakes, [...]

5 01, 2021

Clearwater Lake

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Clearwater Lake is a beautiful lake 33 miles north of Grand Marais, MN up the Gunflint Trail. It is one of the clearest lakes in the area and is also partially in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. You can also access three other BWCA lakes from Clearwater. Caribou Lake, West Pike Lake, Mountain Lake can be portaged off of Clearwater and all three offer different ways of completing the Clearwater Main Route. This lake is also where Clearwater Castle is located. This lake is 1,344 acres in size and approximately 130 feet deep at its deepest point.  When fishing, [...]

1 07, 2020

Biggest Blueberry Contest

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Each summer businesses up and down the Gunflint Trail get together to host the Biggest Blueberry Contest that runs from mid-July to mid-August during the peak of Blueberry Season on the North Shore. A Family-Friendly Contest Grab a bucket and take the whole family for a day trip up to the Gunflint Trail and find one of the area's many blueberry patches and see if you can win one of three cash prizes awarded for the person who brings the biggest blueberry into one of the weigh stations. There are only a few rules for the contest.  The blueberry must [...]

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