PalisadeLocated within Tettegouche State Park is the enormous rock cliff known as Palisade Head. Formed almost 1.1 billion years ago, it is said to have been formed from a lava flow that pushed the rock outward into the lake. Shovel Point, the main part of Tettegouche State Park, was also formed from this extremely hard volcanic rock.

The rock formation sits right on the edge of Lake Superior and offers one of the most spectacular views of the North Shore. Enjoy dangling your feet off the edge (be careful!) or lay back, as the views are just as beautiful. On clear days visitors are able to see the Sawtooth Mountains, Split Rock Lighthouse, and Wisconsin.

There are not many amenities at Palisade Head except for a narrow road for accessibility, a small parking lot, and a couple of rock climbing walls near the edge of the cliff. Nevertheless, not much is needed in order to enjoy this place. The headlands are full of trees and are home to bald eagles and raptors that circle the area in the fall.  Just make sure you bring your binoculars when you visit in order to see the birds or ships passing by throughout the day!

Getting There
To get to Palisade Head, drive three miles northeast of Silver Bay. It is located at mile marker 57 on Highway 61 near Silver Bay, Minnesota.