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18 06, 2020

Big Changes Coming to Grand Marais

2020-09-02T20:33:33+00:00COVID-19, News & Updates|

There are big changes coming to Grand Marais! Minnesota is now on Phase 3 of re-opening, which means indoor dining can resume if restaurants choose to, at a limited capacity. Bluewater Cafe, Gunflint Tavern, My Sister's Place, Voyageur Brewing, and others in the county are slowly opening indoor dining options. Outdoor dining options are also available at several restaurants. Speaking of dining- two new restaurants have recently opened in Grand Marais! Dockside is under new ownership and has been renamed The Fisherman's Daughter. It celebrated its opening day Wednesday, June 17. Order at the window of the Dockside building and [...]

21 05, 2020

Be Smarts About Being Safe

2020-08-20T20:30:50+00:00COVID-19, News & Updates|

The Stay at Home Order has officially ended in the State of Minnesota. The motto for the summer of 2020 is now "Be Smart About Being Safe". So what does this mean for a trip to the North Shore? Let's take a look! Dining Options - Curbside, Takeout, Outdoor, and Indoor Dining Options Available Governor Tim Walz announced that restaurants will be able to host outdoor seating starting June 1 and indoor dining starting June 10, provided that social distancing is in place along with some other guidelines. Of course, many Cook County restaurants have remained opened by offering [...]

1 05, 2020

COVID-19 Policy Changes and Updates

2020-09-02T14:09:45+00:00COVID-19, News & Updates|

The State of Minnesota's Stay at Home orders have expired. The new motto of the summer is "Be Smart About Staying Safe". The North Shore is open to visitors, but you should be aware of several changes that you will notice with your stay. The entire globe has been challenged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s get that right out there. And it’s no different here in northern Minnesota. With being said, let us describe how Cascade Vacation Rentals has been using the last two months preparing for your stay as we plan to welcome you back to the North [...]

20 04, 2020

Event Cancellations and Business Closures

2020-09-01T14:49:40+00:00COVID-19, News & Updates|

As I am writing this, the Stay at Home orders in Minnesota is still set to expire on May 4th due to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. However, exactly when and how the state will open back up remains unknown. Grandma's Marathon Has Been Canceled We continue to look to our state leaders to make important decisions on when and if to extend the closure of Cascade Vacation Rentals. At this time, we are still accepting reservations starting May 4th under our new policy. Because of the unknown involved in the current situation, several major area events [...]

6 04, 2020

A Fun At-Home Challenge

2020-08-31T14:44:33+00:00Everything Else|

Re-Live Your North Shore Vacations With a Photo Contest! Sarah's interpretation of "The Goldfinch" by Carel Fabritius, 1654. Credit: Mauritshuis, The Hague. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. From the Getty Museum Facebook page. Recently, the Getty Museum challenged art lovers to dig into the Getty's online collections, and re-create a piece of artwork with just the materials they found at home. The results were posted on their Facebook Page, and didn't disappoint! This got us wondering if there was a way we could incorporate this creative idea into something for Lake Superior's North Shore. So, we have come [...]

31 03, 2020

Webcams: Your Connection to Nature


These days, there are more webcams than ever before. These webcams are here to help closen your connection to nature from right at home. Discovering NatureCams Many years ago, I was going to college in New York City and my dad called me because he’d discovered a webcam outside of a camera shop in Times Square. He wanted me to go there, and let him know when, so he could see me waving on the webcam. I tracked down 42nd Street Photo and waved at my dad back in Minnesota. This was the first time I heard of webcams and [...]

24 03, 2020

Enjoy the Great Outdoors While At Home

2020-08-31T16:56:43+00:00News & Updates|

Social distancing and entire countries under "shelter in place" orders have resulted in many being stuck inside or with limited areas to move around. Ironically, I started this post a few months ago as a "things to do on a rainy day" post meant for springtime visits to the North Shore. With a bit of tweaking, I'm hoping it will help you pass the time and find little ways to enjoy nature and getting out as much as you can until we're all able to travel and get out as usual. So here are six ways to enjoy the [...]

4 03, 2020

Bear Rescue

2020-08-28T16:23:31+00:00Animals, Lutsen|

Bears Rescued at Cascade Vacation Rentals The text came in at 7:31 AM. “I just went to the dumpster and both bars were on it and when I opened it the bear was sitting in the dumpster!! Wonder how that is even possible with it being barred shut?!? I ran off with my trash but didn’t put the bars back on or look to see if the bear jumped out.” Bara, a Cascade Vacation Rentals housekeeper, got quite the shock when going to dispose of her garbage in the CVR campus dumpster early Wednesday morning. By 9 am the rest [...]

4 03, 2020

LutZen Reflections

2020-09-02T19:34:25+00:00Local Businesses, Lutsen|

Feeling stressed out?  Sore?  Needing to be pampered and soothed on your next North Shore Vacation?  LutZen Reflections Massage Studio is a full-service spa that aims to do just that!  With a full array of services offered from the area’s top massage therapists, you are sure to walk out with your cares melted away.  LutZen’s Grand Marais spa is located right on the shore of Lake Superior in picturesque downtown Grand Marais.  Get a LutZen Signature Massage or Zen Sweetheart Couple’s Massage while the waves of Lake Superior lap against the shoreline just feet away. Their Lutsen location at The Mountain [...]

14 02, 2020

Winter: Things To Do on the North Shore

2020-09-08T19:47:24+00:00Activities & Attractions|

Winter might seem like the ideal time to stay inside to read books and play board games, but we know that there is much more to do during the day than sitting inside. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 winter activities to do on the North Shore. How many of them have you tried? 1. Ski/ Snowboard: Rising more than 1000 feet about the coast of Lake Superior, the Sawtooth Mountains are home to some of the most rugged terrain you can find in the Midwest. Perfectly located on the North Shore, these mountains let you enjoy a day full of [...]

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