14 10, 2021

Sawtooth Mountain Range

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The Sawtooth Mountains are a range of small mountains on Lake Superiors North shore. It stretches about 30 miles From Carolton Peak on the west to Grand Marais on the east. Of the number of peaks, the highest reaches 900 feet over Lake Superior. While these peaks don’t rival other mountain ranges in height, the Sawtooth Mountain Range has a noteworthy silhouette. Looking at it from a distance, the peaks resemble the teeth of a saw with their uniform size, height, and angles. This is why they were given the name Sawtooth Mountains. A combination of volcanic activity and erosion [...]

12 10, 2021

Grand Marais Art Colony

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What started as an eight-week summer course has now prospered into the longest-lived art colony in Minnesota. Since 1947, the Grand Marais Art Colony has been living up to its motto of “Nurturing Creativity on the North Shore.” Cultivating a relationship between outdoor inspiration and artistic pursuit is their goal. The art colony lets artists, experienced or not, step outside their comfort zone to create art. With its stunning views of Lake Superior and the North Shore, the art colony draws inspiration from the wilderness on the North Shore. The art colony features year-round art classes including hands-on activities, artist [...]

12 10, 2021

North House Folk School

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More than 30 years ago, a gentleman named  Mark Hansen moved to the North Shore to build birch bark canoes. Once he arrived, a connection was made to the area, magic happened and Hansen stayed to build one of the most vibrant non-profit organizations in Minnesota: North House Folk School. Traditionally speaking, a folk school is a place where people come to learn new skills or expand the knowledge they have on a certain trade or concept. On the local level, North House Folk School brings instructors from around the world to teach traditional northern crafts. Started by Mark and [...]

12 10, 2021

Moose Madness

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Hosted by Visit Cook County, Moose Madness is an annual family-friendly festival that takes place over MEA weekend each October in Grand Marais. A popular favorite amongst visitors, the festival includes several scheduled events and activities and various ways for participants to earn "Moose Bucks". You then redeem your Moose Bucks collection for prizes and other goodies. During Moose Madness you have the best chances of spotting Murray the Moose, the mascot of Visit Cook County. He gets called to town each year at the start of the festival and can be found walking around the downtown area most of [...]

12 10, 2021

Grand Marais Lighthouse

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The lighthouse that sits in Grand Marais has become a destination for many visitors in the area. If you’ve been to Grand Marais, it’s likely you’ve walked along the breakwall to visit the square pyramidal structure, but do you know the history behind it? The Grand Marais lighthouse was built in 1885 on the eastern end of the harbor breakwater. In the year or two prior, construction was completed on the piers that guarded the harbor entry. These new piers required a light and fog signal to guide mariners through the opening, so congress allotted just over $9,500 for a [...]

12 10, 2021

Grand Marais Breakwall

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What looks just like a bunch of rocks in the middle of the water is actually one of Grand Marais’ best attractions! What spurred the development of the Grand Marais Breakwall and the Lighthouse you might ask? Well, in 1881 the Schooner Stranger wrecked just outside of the Grand Marais Harbor. Unfortunately, all of the crewmen were killed in this wreck. The people knew something had to be done to make it more safe. In 1882, the development of the first breakwater and lighthouse began. The breakwall was to be stretched around 300 feet of rocks of all sizes. They [...]

7 10, 2021

Duluth Haunted Ship

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Duluth Haunted Ship is BACK! For many years, for the month of October, the William A Irvin is transformed into the Haunted Ship. However, it's been a few years since the Irvin has welcomed ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures of horror. Luckily, this year, Duluth Haunted Ship once again returns to Canal Park! It's Been Three Long Years! The Haunting of the William A Irvin was an area hit for years until 2018. That year, the William A Irvin was moved from the Minnesota Slip in Canal Park to dry dock in Superior, Wisconsin. She made her move in September, [...]

2 09, 2021

Fall Colors on the North Shore

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Once September rolls around the questions about Fall Colors on the North Shore begin. When will they start? Why do leaves change colors? Have they started? When will they hit their peak? Where is the best place to go to see them? So in this post, we will be answering those very questions, and more! Fall Colors on the North Shore: When Will They Start? Fall Colors on either side of Temperance Road near Tofte Answering this question is usually one big guess, with some basic knowledge and science to back up our response. It's vague, but in [...]

23 08, 2021

Map of Area Wildfires

2021-08-25T16:21:59+00:00News & Updates|

We have been hearing a lot of misinformation going around social media recently. Regarding both the wildfires in the area as well as the campfire ban. So, we wanted to make a post clarifying these things. We are also including a map of area wildfires to help ease your mind as to the location of the wildfires and what impacts they may have on your North Shore vacation. Please Note: The information on this post is current as of August 25, 2021, at 9:00 am. This article and map of area wildfires do not include any additional fires that may [...]

19 08, 2021

Molly and Andy


Molly and Andy Walking on the Aspenwood Beach For years now we've been discussing featuring some guests and share their stories and special connections to the North Shore. We decided to make this happen to start in the summer of 2021. I happily present to you our first Guest Feature: Molly and Andy. Molly and Andy Say "I Do" Ten Years Ago Molly and Andy on the Aspenwood Beach On July 3, 2011, Molly and Andy said their "I Do"s on the front lawn of Lutsen Resort in front of their closest family and friends. After [...]

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